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Total Diagnostic and Interventional Pain is a full spectrum pain management practice led by Davin Mitchell, MD located in LaGrange, Georgia. The practice offers top-quality patient care, ensuring each patient receives the latest tools and education to receive effective management of their pain conditions. 

Starting from a personalized consultation, the providers at TDI Pain gather information about your medical history, symptoms, and treatment goals. Then, they develop a comprehensive pain management program that considers your lifestyle and preferences to help you find the best pain relief for your condition.

TDI Pain specializes in making sure you understand the underlying condition that is causing your pain. TDI Pain also provides several pain relief procedures for back, neck, leg and many more areas of pain. The physicians may choose to prescribe pain medications to ease inflammation and pain, in a safe fashion to improve quality of life.

The practice has an on-site state of the art, JCAHO certified ambulatory surgery center (ASC), where outpatient procedures are performed. This allows you to return to the comfort of your home and back to your family as quickly as possible.

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